Skin Care

One of the most important obsession of every man, of course, is skin. Especially the fearful dream of transvestites skin care and Istanbul transvestites are quite amateurs in skin care. But most of us are unconsciously moving and unconscious. We use products.

Our skin is very important to us. Our skin is worn and tired due to the heavy work tempo and the dirty air. Not only are our faces, but other parts of our body are also sometimes unresistant to skin diseases. Furthermore, improper applications, false information, medicines and cures can make our skin even worse. And if they do, they can go up to skin cancer. Our skin must be constantly renewed, looked at and refreshed.

If we do not look and care for a long time, we will have pimples on our skin, which is very uncomfortable and begins to destroy our self-esteem. There are some factors that wash our skin. So, what are these factors?


Not only the polluted air, but also the environment affects and pollutes the skin. If you are in such places for a long time, you need to wash and moisturize your skin continuously. You can eliminate these problems by having creams and soaps on the side. Most importantly, people don’t wash their skin so they don’t run out of sleep at night.

If you wash your face with facial soap and moisturize before bedtime, you can sleep comfortably and say hello to a fresh face in the morning.

Actually, it’s a habit of eating. Simplest example if necessary A one-night family that protects health and care for nutrition If he attacks pastries, sweets, he has a huge pimple on his forehead Can see. It helps to cool off the diet by demoralizing it. When you look at some overweight people, it’s always greasy and fat. Has gained a lot of weight by eating food but it is a smooth and clean You’ll see the skin. But it’s nonsense to lose weight right now.

Harmful aspect. Your skin being clean means you’re healthy does not mean. It is best to be healthy and in perfect skin . What you need to do is to make sure that the gas.

Giving up all the beverages, not overloading carbohydrates, continuous. Dessert is not eating and sports. These two factors are the main factors of the enemy of the skin. Take care of them and you can protect your skin. Attention to these and the following elements are you will see the server when you receive it; Mix eggs, lemons and honey in a bowl and rub it on your face, In the shower, do not touch your shampoo anywhere except your hair, Eat fruit and consume greens for every meal, For green tea and apply the strained pouch to your face while it is warm, For at least 10 cups of water a day, It is even more beneficial to squeeze the lemon into the water while drinking.

Clean your face every hour with a permanent wet wipes. Be careful not to stay in the sun for more than 10 minutes, Cold is very beneficial for your body, Always pour the cold water into the body after the shower keeps you both vigorous and fresh, These are some of the most important elements of the last thing you do because of the skin. Go to the doctor and get all the opportunities you have in this way You can use.